The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in 1961

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Location: RULE s located along Monivong Boulevard, which is convenient for students to commute to the university. Students have to ware his/her ID card in order access the Campus. The campus is large, clean and well landscaped. Buildings and ClassRooms have been renovated to be more suitable to the student’s needs as well as current technological advances.

Library: There are two libraries (Law and Economics) which have been enlarged and refurnished with room for reading. Additionally a large selective of books and other reading materials as well as air conditioners has been provided for an improved environment. Both libraries are also open to the public. Every year, the university spends a lot of money to buy new books and invest in research activities and teaching materials in order to improve teaching and learning skills.

Computer Lab, Internet Access and Conference Hall:

Our computer is provides students the opportunity to communicate and explore the vast amount of information around the world. There are five large conference halls to serve various functions such as national and international seminars and workshops.

Moot Courtroom: There is a large moot courtroom for legal practical exercises. The moot courtroom provides a modern facility for interactive education, and a proper forum for teaching trial advocacy to students and those in the legal community. RULE hosts an annual national mock trial competition, in collaboration with EWMI and ABA, to promote quality assurance of legal education through the practices of legal exercise.

Research Center: RULE is focusing more attention and academic research activities and expanding its emphasis on education toward research orientation. Three research centers were established, the Research Center of Law, the Research Center of Economics, and the Research and Education Center for Japanese Law. RULE’s Academic Law Journal “ANNALES -bilingual language in Khmer-French” was published in 1995 under the direct control of the Research Center, and is highly respected amongst scholars and practitioners.

Sport Center, Parking Lot & Restaurant: RULE has a sport center for recreation. This is a rare advantage for our students and makes student life more balanced and healthy. RULE’s Campus can accommodate the student’s vehicles in a safe and comfortable environment. The modern restaurant is located inside the Campus’ new building and serves fast food and drinks in a very clean and convenient location.