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The French cooperation offers several classes: a Preparatory Class, a Bachelor (French “licence”) in Law from Lyon 2 University (France) and some Master’s degrees from Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Rennes 2 and Paris 2 Universities. Since the Paris agreements' signature, France has contrived numerous tools of bilateral aid to rebuild Cambodia and reconstitute its elites. The Royal University of Law and Economics represents a milestone of this project on the rule of law reinforcement. Present since 1992, the French cooperation's main mission is to guarantee the excellence of its law programs and to maintain the institution with its expertise and know-how. The RULE keeps a prior partnership with the University Lumière Lyon 2.  This French excellence branch, which currently gathers more than 200 Khmer students, enables them to participate to an overseas bachelor's degree from this French University. The overall activities of the cooperation office is led by the team composed of a project officer, an international volunteer, a French coordinator and an executive secretary.

Prof.Jean-Jacques Paul, Chef de Project Economie-Gestion,

French Cooperation Program

Prof.Hisham Mousar, Chef de Project, French Cooperation Law Program