The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in 1961

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    The university curriculum is based on the semester credit program for the undergraduate program and term credit for the graduate program, the graduate program focuses on law, public administration, economics, business, finance, banking, and accounting, the undergraduate program requires four years, which is broken down into eight semesters. The graduate program requires two years, which is broken down into six semesters focusing on several majors: private law, public administration, land law, international law, management (general and finance), and entrepreneurship.   

1. Bachelor Degree Program

Faculty of Law

- Bachelor in Law (Study in Khmer)      


Faculty of Public Administration

- Bachelor in Public Administration (Study in Khmer)

- Bachelor in International Relation (Study in English)

Faculty of Economic and Management

- Bachelor in Economics (Study in Khmer)

- Bachelor in Accounting (Study in Khmer)

- Bachelor in Finance and Banking (Study in Khmer)

- Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Study in Khmer)

Faculty of Informatics Economics

- Bachelor in Informatics Economics (Study in Khmer)

2. Master Degree Program   


- Master in Public Administration (Study in Khmer)

- Master in Private Law (Study in Khmer)

- Master in General Management  (Study in Khmer)

- Master in Financial Management (Study in Khmer)

3. Doctoral Degree Program

To contribute to qualified human development, RULE plans to establish a doctoral program in law (LL.D) and in economics (PhD) in the future. The program is aimed at producing qualified human resources with the highest academic degree of specialized knowledge in law and economics to fulfill the demand for higher education.   


4. Special Programs (International Cooperation Programs)

International Dual Master’s Degree Programs in English Language

Faculty of Law French Cooperation Program

- Bachelor in Law from Lyon 2 University (France)

- Master in International and Comparative law

- Master in land and property law

Faculty of Economics French Cooperation Program

- Bachelor in Economics & Management from Lyon 2 University (France)

- Master in Management

English Language Based Bachelor of Law (ELBBL)

English Based Bachelor Program in International Relations (B.I.R)