The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in 1961

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The National Institute of Law, Politics and Economics was established in 1949.

This was the first post secondary level institute in Cambodia. In 1953, the Institute began a three years bachelor of law degree program which was later incorporated into the University of Phnom Penh as Faculty of Law and Economics in 1957. The Law program offered four levels.

    Two Year Capacity of Law Program: The students for this program were recruited after completing the first degree of Secondary Diploma (Bac I). The system of Education in Cambodia at that time was six years for Primary School and seven years for Secondary School. After successfully completed six years at Secondary School (Junior High School), a student was granted the First Degree of Secondary Diploma (BacI). Then after successfully completed an additional year at Secondary School, the student was granted the Secondary Degree of Secondary Diploma (BacII).

    Two Year Baccalaureate of Law Program (French words): The students were recruited after BacII.

    Four Year Bachelor of Law Program (French word-License en droit): The students were recruited after BacII.

    Doctorate program in Law (French words)

    In 1962, the Faculty of Law and Economics established the Center for Legal Study for training judges. Study for judges was an additional two year after acquiring a Bachelor of Law. However this center was closed in 1966 after only four years, after graduating two groups of judges. From 1975 to 1981, the Faculty of Law and Economics was closed, during and after the Pol Pot regime. During those years almost all legal professionals were killed or fled the country. Law books were destroyed. At the end of Pol Pot regime, only six licensed members of the legal profession remained alive in Cambodia. The former campus of the Faculty of Law was reopened in 1982 as the Administrative and Judicial School. The main purpose of this School was to train the new government officials who were responsible for Administration and Judicial duties (in service or on the job training). The training was organized to assist the socialist authorities after the liberation from the genocidal regime of Pol Pot and to respond to its urgent needs. Three different programs wee developed subsequently: a five- month program, then a two- month program and a two-year program. Because the majority of the legal professionals had been killed, there were no teachers available, so a five-month program and overall curriculum were organized by Vietnamese experts and were taught through interpreters. Some of the first group of graduates were selected to be the teachers and assistant teachers for next courses. These newly created teachers began teaching the two-year program. The five-month training program was discontinued in 1989.

    In 2003, Converting Faculty of Law and Economics Into

    Royal University of Law and Economics (Sub-Decree)