RULE, By H.E. Yuok Ngoy.


A Message from the Rector

H.E. Yuok Ngoy 
         As the Kingdom of Cambodia strives to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by an increasingly globalized world, the Royal University of Law and Economics is committed to developing human resources to meet the current and future needs of this nation.

The Royal University of Law and Economics purposes to educate students to play key roles in the development of a wide variety of legal and economic fields. The Faculty aims to play an increasing role in the development of human resources that will foster the further establishment of a legal and judicial system that facilitates the rule of law in Cambodia.

              Furthermore, the University will play a crucial role in preparing an educated work force in the fields of economics, technology, banking and business, enabling human resources to play a key role in leading Cambodia into the global economy.

              Our Master's Degree programs now offer students, professionals, business people and civil servants the opportunity to further develop their skills and increase their knowledge and thus play leadership roles in the development of the nation of Cambodia.

             This catalog will show in more detail the specific programs and related curriculums that are serving as an integral part of the further development of Cambodia's human resources, and through this, the nation.

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